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Thought that for a while.


Thought that for a while.



Steven Unruh is having a hard time convincing anyone that he spent hours talking to Aurora theater shootings suspect James Holmes shortly after his arrest last July. Jail officials say there’s no way that Unruh could have had that kind of access. Yet certain elements of the story — which…

9/11 just sayin’

The WTC; the first steel structure to EVER collapse from a fire.

WTC 7; no planes were flown into this CIA building, yet it came down in seconds, there is no planes (or anything) shown hitting this building.

There were no pictures or debris of a plane shown on the pentagon hit. No turbines, no cabin, no wings, no tail.

The only video footage of the attack on the pentagon was from a business across the street, it was seized by the FBI the ext day.

And let’s be honest, the pentagon is the most hardcore military structure in the world, how did a clumsy, enormous, commercial jet manage to hit it anyway?

Not to mention the multiple explosions seen in the videos and recalled by witnesses at ground zero.

There is no way that Barbara Olson could have called her husband at the altitude that the plane was flying.

And by the way she has been seen around and even arrested in Europe.

Altogether, there is a theory that implies that there were no people on the planes at all, and that the fly list is fabricated off of deceased ppl, fake identities, and other conspirators who were offered special incentives to keep their mouths shut.

Bush publicly lies, about where he was, and what he was doing the morning the attacs where carried out .

There are pictures of the planes seconds before that hit the buildings, there seems to be something attached to the bellies of the plane, an object.

Funny the terrorists thought 8:00am was an ideal time to kill a bunch of gringoes as instead of say 12 or 1 WHEN THE WHOLE DAMN PLACE IS PACKED WITH PPL

You have the right to remain skeptic, these are but potholes in an otherwise very elaborate piece of fiction ;)

More to come.

The global mafia of the “Ruling Elite”

Allright boys and girls…

I’ve been obsessed over this for a while now, but, it really took some changes in my daly routine to finally open my eyes and look at the truth about our world, and our society.

To make a REALLY long story short…. There is basically a VERY SMALL group of people, who have through lies and control achieved world domination. This no myth, and no exaggeration.

These people own and control the financial institutions that tie our international economies.
They own the corporations that provide us all with products and services.
And most importantly there is the media.

The media is their MOST IMPORTANT weapon. This is everything from Hollywood, the music industry, newspapers, news channels, magazines, EVERYTHING. They design and control everything you watch hear and read. Therefore conditioning your thoughts.

To fight this mind control it’s important to remember to THINK for ourselves. We must NOT believe anything the telly says, for that’s what they wants us to think. Instead dare to question the information they give you and come up with your own opinion.

This is a powerful society, and they go to great lengths to achieve what they want.

Open your eyes and look for their symbology, for that’s how you will identify them.
They like to hide their blueprints where nobody ever thinks to look
In plain sight.

More to come.